Better data leads to better decisions

At AE Research, we understand that it’s critically important to summarize and interpret data in the right way, to be able to arrive at meaningful insights and take decision making to the next level. Our data analytics team, which includes Statisticians and Data Experts, is trained and works regularly with leading analysis tools including SPSS, SAS, SQL and Excel. Our full service covers data processing, data analytics, master data management, and data quality assurance.

With quality standards in place, we can provide Quality Data through accurate tabulations and analysis. We are fully flexible with any type of output templates and requirements and can add any level of customization like category nets into the tabulations, etc., streamlining the process and helping you get the most out of your tabulations and analysis.

We can also work with you for Data Cleaning on your projects. Utilizing automation procedures like Excel Macros and Google Apps Scripts, we can QC your data in a real-time fashion. You can also rely on our Automation Services to help you save wasted man-hours on mundane tasks. Our team is also adept in Maxdiff, Conjoint Analyses and any level of Custom Data Processing as per your requirements.

If you have a highly complex data analysis request, we would love to showcase our advanced capabilities and showcase what we can bring to the table.
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